Another Solo New Year in Ubud.

Ubud might be not as far as California to Timbuktu, but whenever I remember how this place can fly my mind to the short spiritual gateway that they have, I can easily manage everything and grab my bike to drive along to this heaven of Yogis. (re) Visiting Ubud is like stepping into another side […]

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Morning Kuta in instastory Filter

Midnight shift isn’t as easy as it seems. Forcing your brain and energy on a not a ‘proper time’ is something unusual for me. But there’s always bright lesson to get. The best thing to do after midnight overtime is being able to see the sunrise moment, riding next to it’s inaugural shine, and capture the […]

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Muslihat di 23.

Lugu Sang waktu begitu menjijikkan. Berputar dan menyelingi jutaan keganjilan dan ketabuan setiap detik. Dengan muka tebal dan kenaifanya,  menyaksikan dari dekat seorang suami yang bercumbu dengan remaja belia di suatu hotel bintang lima, ABG wanita yang menghabiskan malam dengan sekawanya di suatu club, dengan dada dan omongan yang ntah kemana, pemuka agama yang menggauli […]

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Short Rocky Nusa Penida Trip

  Nusa penida is all about sharpen your driving skills, squeeze your energy, build your muscle, and of course indulge your self, and fuel your thirst of tropical vibes. Yup, if you are a type of ‘fullest’ traveler (instead of ‘just’ a picture hunter) you will definitely enjoy the trip. We spent averagely 1,5 driving […]

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