About Aylien…

My name is Ayu Putri Wulandari, people normally call me Ayu, or ‘Ndut’ in not normal way.

I am originally from Bali, born and live here. But had been lived in Bandung, West Java from 2012-2015 to finish my study in Telkom University Bandung.  I’m so blessed to have opportunity to live in these two beautiful and amazing City. Bandung is a typical of my urban city and I think it’s gonna be a city where I can spend my retirement life.

I had college major and supposed to be business IT  and finance woman, had worked for 1 year in real estate agent for more than1 year, and now working in such a great Food and Beverage company in Bali.

Had been a real estate agent gives me a lot of opportunity to meet and sharing knowledge with a lot of people from all over the world, and financially of course, yes. As Bali is still a world top tourism destination, and a lot of foreigner still keen to live and spend their time in Bali. Means another great chance for me also to absorb thousands of positive side from them. This job also require me toooo TRAVEL! Yes I do travelling around Bali to explore the hidden property, real estate, and villa, then make a business with the owner. And now working in Food and Beverage with traveler as a niche will also give me a lot of opportunity swimming around travel industry and all food around the world. And yes! I’d love to share those experience in A Life of Aylien’s.

On the other part, (I think my alter ego does)  I always love to write a story of mine, mostly personal experience into the other perspective and words. You can see it then in story and series page in this blog,  which I’ve tried to make it easier to understand from each and each post, though sometimes I didn’t make it LOL.

And also, as maybe you’ve surfed as well in #HTTA blog, beauty and life style! Yup, as a GIRL, I regularly buy some beauty stuff like lipstick, skin care, powder, etc. And as a my personal experience that I always browse first about the review of some product before I buy it, I decided to make a review of my make up stuff and share it with the other girls. So then we can help each other to decide before buying! 😀