Deep Beyond ‘the project’ High Jinks

Hi Ex,

In case you forget, i’m a stubborn person. As i remember, you do admit it. I am willing to take off my hat, and salute a person who can break off my ego wall, and turning around my mind. Because as a proud #scorpion, i’m brave enough to say We are at the senior level of a stubborn horoscope class. Persuading me is also almost something impossible, because being skeptic is something we are striving for (Is that right scorpion?)

Now, how dare you made it?

Playing safe and sitting on the comfort zone is something i’ve been doing mostly in 2017, and you, well actually you, pushed me to across the border and took the risk. So guess what, here i am.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-18 at 9.44.51 PM

After working my ass f*** off for the past few months, and trapped my alters and hide the key in somewhere called an ash (pronounce : ass). You broke the wall and made my self going to the big project every ‘kids zaman now’ know. I won’t explain further about that event. But you can imagine like it was a 2 days event, 5 pm – 4 am next day, 3 big stages, with more than 50 DJs, rappers, and trance musicians came. What? Yes, lush.

And bruh, true it was lush and lit. And you were the main man who made it so lush and lit.

Like how can you make someone who’s not a good dancer become (kind) a striptease?

How can you make someone skeptic feeling comfortable being and mixing around with strangers?

How can you make a girl next door blonde her hair and wear mini skirt?

How can you make a nun wearing bikini and sipping cocktails on the side of the Cable beach?

How can you make someone breathing the heaven air while her foot still touching the mf earth?

Once again, how dare you are. And you risked two soul for that.

Well, i’m writing this to remind YOU. That there’s someone who’s really thankful for the moment, and couldn’t ask for more. I am happy we are living the life and playing our role as our best without any boundaries and pressure. And please keep the way we are now. No need to change and finalize everything.

Anyway, WE are still having the secret deal that we have to accomplish.




With a little bite,




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