Binar and Sharma at Popular Magazine.

Some of you guys might be know that your hobby can turn heavenly into something profitable if you have a good opportunity, and good luck. Everyone has their own time, and this time is my loop!


Reading this semi adult magazine while drinking a green tea cold kombucha and smoking one or two ‘garpits’ under the laughing sun of Geger beach might be the most random thing ever. But you don’t need a proper condition when you’re too excited to read your art on a such a magazine! Yooo-ho! My first semi erotical story titled ‘Kencan Tak Terduga Escort Kelas Atas’ (An Unexpected Date of a High-class Escort) has officially published in @popularmagazineid.

To be honest at the first time i wrote this, there was totally nothing in my mind but self and stress release. But after re-read i thought there might be (might be, very little chance) for it got published. After sent it to more than 5, or 7 magazines, then Popular is the only magazine who show their enthusiasm. Thank you so much for the opportunity and a great breakthrough!


One more great and surprising loop i got this year! Let’s write some more ✍🏼



Kombucha by : @balibuda , Green Tea Flavor (I reused the small Rosella bottle, i had, filled it with Green tea, and keep the big one at home)

Magz : Popular Magazine Indonesia September 2017 edition.

Location : Geger Beach, Bali.

Kencan Tak Terduga Escort Kelas Atas had been published in this blog before with a story titled Binar.


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