Short Rocky Nusa Penida Trip



Nusa penida is all about sharpen your driving skills, squeeze your energy, build your muscle, and of course indulge your self, and fuel your thirst of tropical vibes. Yup, if you are a type of ‘fullest’ traveler (instead of ‘just’ a picture hunter) you will definitely enjoy the trip. We spent averagely 1,5 driving from our homestay located close by Maruti Harbour to get the place, which i can say the most dramatic road ever. From good cement street with beach next to us, national geographic kind a curvy road, to rocky ‘reggae’ small access with minimum sign.  We tried our best to maximize our trip since the first day, and here are the summary:


Note : I categorize the type of hardness and accessible by Medium, hard, and easy.


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Kelingking Beach from uphill

Level : hardcore.

We reached Nusa Penida at 13.00 and go straight to the guest house, have lunch, and start our journey with this marvelous beach and it hit us! We saw the hill track from upside and thought it will be not that ‘hardcore’, but after 5 min down, yes we fell the hype! They still don’t have proper stair to step, instead they have temporary wood handle and stair. We really train our muscles here, running breath, and tears (for my sister lol). It was mostly like wall climbing without any safe as the hill is sooooo steep. You have to prepare your physic and mental before you down, because once you did, no one ever can lift you up and down even a helicopter. But every those drama are really worth it! The beach is aweeeeesome. Not many people on the beach (well considering others has fearful ever since the beginning with the track). You can freely swim, take a nap, rolled your self with the blue crystal wave, reading a novel.




Level : Easy Pezzy Lemon Squeezy

We visit Crystal Bay right after Kelingking. Compare to the extreme kelingking. It’s sooo much easier. You don’t even need to climb anything. Less than a minute walking by from park area, and here it goes. A beautiful sunset view with again rock between it. Such a great view to end the day.





Level : Medium

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One of the beach on the northern face of Nusa Penida. More than an hour driving from Maruti Harbor. The view of ocean will walk by you on the way to Atuh, followed by forest hill area. The smooth street still remains, BUT you will find a long rocky road on the last 7 km. To reach the beach, you need to step down the stairs, which is not much, 4 times less than Kelingking, and this one is proper stair with cement base. There’s not much people there, i felt like i own my private beach when i swam there.

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Savannah in Atuh
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
On our way to Atuh from Maruti Harbour



Level : Easy.

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If any of you guys ever watched Teletubies. Well, yes Teletubbies with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, Poo living in the green hill house. Yes, we have something like that in Nusa Penida. To get the best shot you need to hike down and up to the peak, but it’s not that simple. So we just take a closer step goes to…. and. Snap!


Level : Medium (the street are extremely mess up)

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Angel is angel’s? lol

Actually this one is one the same way to Kelingking and Crystal Bay. But due to the timing, we visit Angel’s Billabong and Broken beach the day after. These two beaches are located next to each other. Conditionally, the wave was soooo big on the day we arrived so they didn’t let us to swim and even getting closer to the side. Especially in Angel’s Billabong.

PS : prepare your butt as the road is reggae man a.k.a a long and rocky road (again).


Level : Medium (the street are extremely mess up)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Located next to Angel’s Billabong. It has, just like a name, broken, with a hole rock on the beach. It’s not a swim beach at all. But it is a perfect spot to take a photo.



Tho we tried to maximize the time, but we missed also some nice spots below :


Goa Giri is located before Atuh Beach. Pura is a sacred place for Hindus. As a sacred place we believe that we have to be in a clear condition when we enter. My sister was having a period that time, so we respect those tradition and skip this.


It is actually on the same way to Bukit Teletubbies. But as our host told me that it’s even much harder than Kelingking and we almost didn’t feel our leg anymore after climbing Kelingking, we decided to not visit Suwenda.


We passed this waterfall actually, but same story with Suwenda, our host remind me that the access is quite hard and we didn’t feel like force our self so much so we skip this.



I am the one who believe that travelling is not about taking a good picture or visit some mainstream or tourism place, but more than those, it’s about feeling local experience, and getting to know local people and culture. Even Nusa Penida is still above Bali Province, I have found some interesting local things, from food, accent, and people.

  1. Meet Ibu Made! Banana Seller whose house behind the hill.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Hi Ibu!

We met Ibu Made when we lost our way to Angel’s Billabong. She explained the way very well and brighten our mind. Bu Made is a fruit seller on the Angel’s Billabong street. She picks the fruit from her garden, then sell it with bamboo basket. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak English, so they always use the ‘body sign’ to sell the fruit.

Make sure you stop by Ibu Made’s fruit corner, and fuel your self with papaya, Banana, or any other fruit she has.

  1. Nusa’s Banana is deeeeeeeym big.
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Gedong shaaaay

Talking about Ibu Made and her fruit. I bought 4 her Bananas for only like 15k. And trust me, it is the BIGGEST Banana that I have ever seen. 4 times bigger than we we had in town.

  1. Ledok Ledok – an healthy Nusa traditional cuisine.

We kind a sick of the mutual food that we ha for the past 1 day. So we decided to try something new by stop at one little warung called Warung Minang, close to Penida Colada. Ibu kadek, the seller offered me Ledok Ledok, a traditional cuisine of Nusa Penida, made by cassava, beans, cassava leaves, corn, dried fish, served in a warm thick savory soup, and crispy onion. And the taste is oh my god! Beyond my expectation. It’s so soooo good. Best food I had in Nusa! Must eat food when you go to Nusa Penida!

  1. They called their Island as Nusa and Sanur as Bali.

I talked with our host, Bagus when I came. We both shared our little experience about living in Bali. And he accidentally say “I have worked in Bali for 5 years”. What? Don’t we are still in Bali now? And he answered “No this Nusa, Bali is Sanur, Denpasar” while laughing. And I just like. Ah.. maybe that’s what the people called Nusa and Bali ya.

  1. There are plenty Muslim.

As a Muslim, we are quietly strict about the food we had. Especially my sister . And having plenty Muslim in Hindu majority city, especially in very suburb island is quite unique. Luckily, I found many Muslim there who mostly open a Warung or groceries store. I was easily find them also in traditional market. I bet the population has spread away in Bali, I mean Nusa.

Overall, our trip now is really memorizing and fun. It’s such a good quality time for us that has been apart for like almost a year. It also a valuable moment for me to understand and respect new culture and environment that i have never experienced before. I love Bali, I Love Indonesia even more 🙂 – apw

Ps : All Pic taken by Iphone 5s. Edited by Vscocam.

Guest House Name : Bagus House




2 thoughts on “Short Rocky Nusa Penida Trip

  1. I really wnna go to Nusa Penida, I was planning to join the open trip but after read your story. I thought, It will be more challenging and memorable to go alone ( i mean without tour agent). Good info sis, it helps me a lot.


    1. Hi Zevi! Thanks for reading and comment. Yes, traveling ‘independently’ in Nusa Penida will indeed take your energy, BUT you will definitely enjoy it. Not such a confusing road, all beach and tourist area are completed by signage. Anyway, enjoy Nusa Penida!


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