TUCK AND TRAP – A truly Hidden Gem in Northern Kuta.

If any of the reader are Indonesian or Balinese, you should have known that on this week (A long holiday after Eid plus beginning of Summer season) all peoples and families from Indonesia are coming to Bali to spend holidays. Mostly in a group of car. No wonder you will easily find a car with ‘foreign’ car number identity. And no wonder the traffic in Kuta or any central tourism place are GETTING CRAZIERRRR (Argh). I come back forward to My home – airport for work everyday which is of course will passing Kuta street or sunset road, and Oh My God you don’t know how much patient and time i should’ve take to reach home (Huft).

And of course as a very normal person, i need a relax time during the weekends, but considering beaches and other tourism areas are definitely will be crowded, i start to search any quite and good place for me to find some relax and me time.

And here i found Tuck and Trap, well it is not the first time i come here, and it never a dull moment to visit.  Either you just want to enjoy the rice field while having some coffee, easy date, chit chat with your friends, book reading, or need a quite time to start writing or doing some work while enjoying the breeze (just like i am doing now). T&T is the very good spot  compare to the other hipster and busy coffee shop. Yet it is not a really silent place (you can sometimes hear the vehicle sound as it is really on the side of the street) it will not disturb you at all as they have other good vibes to offer.

Located in Jalan Kedampang Number 1, sandwiched between Jalan Raya Kerobokan and Jalan Gunung Salak. 20 min from famous Petitenget area, 40 minutes from Kuta Beach, this place offers you a rice field and sunset view with a very comfortable single or group table, and indoor and outdoor area. The design is mostly like retro with minimalist mezzanine design. From the main Kedampang street you can see the sign “Perum Peti Kemas” ,park your bike there, then you can see a sign Tuck and Trap.  You can also find a vinly and music store on first floor (this is also my favorite! ). Sometimes they also having like a music workshop or event (you can check their instagram for the events)

The Sign



As a really picky eater , it is quite hard to find low sugar or vegetables product here. But if you’re unlike me, you will easily find some sort of food like sandwich, french fries, Indomie Goreng, Toasties, etc… The prize is also very affordable. Coffee starts from 20K IDR and food from IDR 35K – 60K. I personally like Hazelnut Latte, and with a little modification (little syrup, double shot, etc).


My personal attachment to this place is quite strong. Because i finish almost 90% of my article here (even i’m at T&T when i write this). It’s really a type of my place, my typical gem and ‘escape’, where my fingers will easily type something and my brain will automatically rolling into something new when i sit on the table, and drink the coffee.

Ah.. the sky.

Over all, i really recommend T&T for those of you who like quite and peaceful place to work, or as a nongkrong nongkrong place with your friends.

PS : it has a good mixtape as well, retro 90 they say 😀

With love,



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