EID MUBARAK 1438 H (sorrow does exist…)

Things happen every year, and changed our life sufficiently. Good or bad way is all the result of our manners and decisions. For me, there are 3 moments in life when you realize what have you done for the past previous time, and how it can be differently change your life. New Year, birthday, and Eid Mubarak. Those are the moments when we can reflect our self, and see what’s the different between current and past event.

I just had a lovely Eid celebration here in Bali. It was so lovely, all relatives and cousins from my mom’s side were coming. We shared laughter and food together. Wearing eid’s dress, cooking, and baking are the moments that i’ve been waiting for for 11 months. But again, deep in my heart there was a little sorrow, and other kind of happiness this year.

I do believe that every Eid brings a different blessings, happiness, so does sorrow. Biggest sorrow this year is we are missing @amalinakp present (my sister has gone away to China for education purpose), and so does a figure we called father (for one and many reasons behind).

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri yaa semuanya, mohon maaf lahir batin🙏


Mama, little Amas, me.
My angel.

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