In my 20 years living in Bali, I’ve met many many maaaany Bule plus the story behind them.

Disclaimer : If you don’t know what Bule is, Bule is an Indonesian slang language to call a Foreigner. Who mostly has white skin, blue eyes, light hair color and another physical difference. 

Some of them made me laugh, some of them ironic, some of them odd, and many of them are Baffling! Baffling means in between good and bad. I summarize those into 5 points below.


Another Disclaimer : Please remind that i don’t mean being racist or to judge people wrong by doing what they doing,  I just want to share my view as a local and make you feel comfortable while having time here by giving you some Tips 😀


One day, on the way to met a client, i pass through small alley in Kuta. Everyone walked and drive so peacefully then suddenly I saw Bule driving  an automatic scooter, with 40km/hour speed, in a 3m narrow track coming from opposite side. They passed by like there’s no one and nothing around them. I was feeling to yell “HEY DUDE, THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME DRIVING SCOOTY, RIGHT? SO MIND YOUR DRIVING!”

But instead, i just watching him from distance, with hopeless and annoyed face. Then i just remembered that’s not the first one that i saw today.


So first tips is, Mind your driving brother and sister. Especially when you passed small alley or road, and especially again if you found sleeping police (see the pic). It’s for you and everyone safety 🙂

One thing amazed me also is when i ride to Tabanan, which is approximately 53 kms from Denpasar and Kuta, i saw a bule, a girl, with tank top and short pants, riding scooter with back pack, and not to forget flip flop, in a 19 C degree temperature, and she probably had drove for 2 hours with that condition. (If you ever to Bedugul or Baturiti, you know how cold it is).

Meanwhile me as a local, had to wear sneakers, long yoga pants, t-shirt + sweater, plus mask pollution and we’re driving on the same direction.

Am i being over prepared or this is a part of wandering?

Apart of the answer i do totally amaze about what that girl and another Bule situated in that condition.


Note : Warung is indonesian local restaurant but not as big as restaurant.

Don’t imagine a big decent eating place when i write Warung. It is not. What i am saying as Warung is a small eating place serves Indonesian food with really Indonesian taste and style (Warung Tegal in Indonesia) where you just need to spend $2 for breakfast and lunch menu (and seriously guys, you have complete meal for that) Imagine like this one.

Makanan Khas Warung Tegal
image source : google


image source : google

I don’t say that warung is Bad. Not at all. This one is the best type of restaurant for me as a local, which i thought before it’s just suit for us, not for Bule. But one day i come to Warung in Seminyak (once again please imagine this is really ordinary Warung, not as hype as KZU, Warung Kecil in Drupadi or Warung Dua in Umalas) with my colleague for lunch break, and the people next to us is a group of Bule eating Vegetable with peanut sauce (Pecel Sayur), with yellow rice (nasi kuning), chicken with chili sauce (ayam balado), and fried fermented soybean cake (tempe goreng). It’s just.. Wow! I never thought before that they taste it as delicious as we do. I personally salute to them, i am not even sure, do i able to adapt in another country as good as them.

source : google


Another unique habit that Bule sometimes do is …Driving or riding a scooter with only Bikini on her body (Ooooh yeah, this one was is really good for my boy buddies :D)

I know that probably they just had sexy sun bath in Double Six beach, and their villa just 3 km away, but they met lot of people on the way back, and they will be stared by man’s eye as we see it’s not not normal.

Source :

I am not saying that it is wrong, but it’s just hmmmm not proper (?)

So my second tips is : If you’re heading to some Beach, don’t forget to bring Sarong, it’s really multifunction. First it could be as your pad in sand, second, it can cover your bikini on the way back. You can buy Sarong for just only $4 in local shop or market.


Am i the only one who stoked when seeing a girl with no Bra, laying down under the heating sun in Kuta Beach while her ‘body’ was being massaged by a massage lady?

I indeed know that there are some nude beach in another country, and none of the list are Kuta Beach. But again, no one will bother you if you do that. Just make sure you will be ready to stared by people’s eyes 😀

My third tips regarding point 3 is a same as point 2 that : Don’t forget your Sarong to cover what should be covered 😀



I’ve seen this one in Canggu. I was having lunch in one Warung in Jalan Raya Semat, right in front of Pretty Poison Shortcut, then one Bule with scooter came to Canang Seller (PS : Canang is an offering which Hindus use to pray daily) then buy a package of it. I just saw it with a lot of question in my head. Why, How and What?


Canang, Pic source :


I kept that questions for my self about that, and eventually, one day i visited my Client house in Kerobokan, She is a hippies Australian, and on the corner of her living room i saw Canang, with light dupa. With my curiousty, i made my self to ask. Are you Hindu? Why you put Canang on your house? Her answer was surprise me.

‘I am not Hindu, I am a Catholic, I just want to keep this house in balance and good vibes by putting this Canang. I’ve done this since i move and it impact a lot. I keep put it daily, i always ask Made (the maid) to buy, or by my self’

Ah…. Her answer just cleared my assumption about Why, How, and What. Maybe that is also the reason why that Bule with scooter in front of Pretty Poison Shortcut to buy Canang.

Well, peace can comes from everything that we not expected. In this case, Canang works for them 🙂 – Apw


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