Brazilian (Horror) Waxing


1 week before my trip to India been so much hectic. Twenty- something list need to be done before the date. And up to those twenty- something, there’s a single list which i never done before, and i’m really afraid to do before!


Yeks! Well can you imagine how is it gonna be? You must open your legs widely in front of stranger. She will freely  touch your vagina, butt, and any other genital area, and moreover you have to let her yank out your monumental hair constrainely and painfully?

(As for courtesy reason.. let’s called our V as monumental – inspired by Adele speech about Queen B.)

That was everyone called Brazillian Waxing.

But again, i need to do it as i’ll be might be using bikinis is India (yes, bikini!) and i don’t want my monumental hair is sneaking up beneath it. Hehe.

So, after searching and asking for any reference and good places from fellows, my choices goes to Waxhaus & Feeto! In  Beachwalk Shopping Center, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta.

In my posting now I ain’t focus to review place, i just want to share some facts, tips, and trick for you, yes you. The next ‘victim’ of Brazilian Waxing.

  1. IT HURTS. A lot – during my session, i was crying due to the painfulness, and laughing out loud at the same to my self, wondering how can i let my self in abused in this room? And how can i believe my friend who said that waxing is not hurt? Fool me!
my waxing face LOL

2. THE PAIN ISN’T LONG LASTING – yes it’s not. 5 min after my session i don’t feel the pain at all. All released.

3. 30” AND DONE – another good news, it’s just 30 min, and your monumentyal will be clean as.

4. YOU’LL ADORE YOURS MORE– this is what i feel when my first shower after waxing. Your monumental will looks so much cute, clean, and adorable!

5. IT’S ADDICTED – After all drama i’ve been through, still.. i want to do it when it’s coming up again.

6. WASH BEFORE WAX – it’s just to raising your confident in exposing your V to that stranger. She will clean it anyway before waxing.

7. DON’T TRIM BEFORE WAX – yes, my second biggest mistake (after trusting my friend who said waxing is not hurt) is i trimmed monumental haur a day before waxing. It makes the little hair will not stick out onto the waxing caramel. The therapist say it should be length 1 – 1,5 least.. to make it yanked from its root.. So ya, it’s kind a really funny now. Almost clean, with a little hair. Hehe

8. THREADING IS NOT LESS HORROR THAN WAXING. After the therapist finished waxing the hair. She will do threading, It’s an ancient hair-removal technique, practiced for centuries among the most beautiful women of Asia and the Middle East. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin (Looks so intellectually? Yes I copied it from 😀

eyebrow threading. Source :

I must say, it’s as painful as waxing. It’s like it’s being bladed, i ask the therapist couple time if my monumentak bleeding or so, and she say didn’t. I tried to hanging on, but i ended up to ask her to stop threading and let it over. So again, my monumental hair is half threaded.

So Guys, Before I did it, I’ve ever thought to do Brazilian Waxing date with my friend. So after all reviews above. Will you also added brazillian waxing date with your gal?

Ps :  definitely Yes for me!



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