To make decision where to go as your first international trip is not an easy one. I’ve been thinking too many times about this destination. Been listed Singapore and Malaysia but cross it straight away as I think it’s too near from Indonesia 😀 , Netherlands and France is way too high end (for me), Cambodia and Thailand are amazing but not this time. Then I come up over the map, and circled India as my top destination.



I heard a lot of negative opinions when I said I want to travel to India. Traffic, chaos city, stingy people, rude man, disorganized scape, rambunctious in each of the corner, slum area next to your hotel window, beggar in every side of the street, everything but good thing!

It did impact for me, in a positive way, I think too many times and considering here and there about my trip. Then I come with a conclusion that, I already feel my kind a paradise in Bali, I’m beyond grateful for that. And all I want for travelling it’s not only for escape or our mind refreshment. Moreover, we can see another different perspective of life and living, the people, culture, and feel the sensation of being spontaneous.

I do believe that if only India is a bad city as everyone said it will (still) gives me one greatest point. To bless, and to grateful more that i have Indonesia as my country, which might be better, same or even worst. Well, we never know before we know.

Lucky me if it’s a great and over expected city, I’ll get multiple benefit. Gratefulness, and good time.

Of course, I don’t say that India is a bad city at all. I never judge something as before I hear and visit it.  To be honest I judge it oppositely.  I’m (trying) to be super positive minded person, as I believe of the power of mind, so does my thought about India.

So visiting India is one my greatest challenge.

Goa – one of the hippiest area in the world will be one of my destination in India. Source : theplaidzebra.com

Well I know, I can’t say too many things as I’m not there yet. So I think it’s enough for the unveiling.

Let me know what you want me to write about India.

Wait, before you tell me I will surely write and review my wonderful india trip 😀

See ya!



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