My weekend picnic in Karma (not so) hidden beach.

Well, I decided to spend this weekend with something for my self, means no work, no email, no sales call. Just me, my self and I.

Then i with some friends of mine heading to Karma beach in Uluwatu to have a little picnic beach. First we stop at Kedonganan fish market to buy fresh fish, shrimp, and squid. Then grilled it straight away there (We did though to grilled at the beach, but considering it’s so windy right now in Bali, then it might be a little though for the fire keep turning in, and the wave might be comes closer a side). Not forget to stop to convenience store to buy some water, chips, beers, and a small vodka 😀

I admit that it’s really not easy one to get the beach, Actually you can go by lift through Karma, but you’ve to pay IDR 250.000, so we ended up go down (and up) by walking through the stairs. I did count it, it’s about 220 stairs one way. We found some monkeys also in our way, they seem a bit naughty, but as we come in a group so they choose to avoid us, maybe afraid?

A little drama happen on our way down and up, my friend, Mala is totally afraid with the monkeys, Chyntya almost didn’t make it to the up, So we stopped in the middle of the stairs for like 5 minutes.

But the best is yet to come, the view is really worth it. We’ve such a good time there. And we 100% will make another picnic at the beach again, with way more difficult track again, maybe? – APW


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